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So what exactly is Wed School?

Wed School is a self-study training platform by Shannon Leahy.  The W.E.D. in Wed School stands for Wedding & Event Design. This course shows you step-by-step how to create original wedding designs with loads of detail that your guests will remember long after the final piece of cake is served.


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Why do you need it?


If you're getting married you know that there is no resource out there that teaches you how to design a wedding and it's an overwhelming process to begin on your own.


If you're a professional, good design is what turns your wedding business from getting mediocre clients to getting great ones. 

Design is what sets the mood for a party and moves people.  It's what your guests remember the most and it represents your style in photos and video, in your wedding albums and on social media.


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The entire training program is available the moment you complete your registration.

How to use Wed School

01 | Work at your Own Pace:


Over the course of a few weeks or in one netflix style binge.  

02 | Mobile & Tablet Friendly


The training can be viewed online or downloaded to your device and watched on the go.

03 | Revisit and Review as much as you like


You can access the online training videos

for up to one year and the downloadable materials are yours to keep for life

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Why is this course so incredible?

- We don't just show you pictures of pretty parties, we actually show you how to create them.  With online tools and templates, a step by step process, brainstorming techniques and one of a kind exercises.


- We don't do cookie cutter.  Why? Because that’s the lazy way to design. We give you tools to break the mold and stand out, instead of having your events look like everyone else's.


- Whether you’re a beginner or a top pro, we teach you how to improve your designs and be more creative.


- Examples out the wazoo.  We know how useful it is to see real-life examples. That’s how we learn. Wed School is stuffed like a piñata — with examples, examples, examples.


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01 | Gathering Inspiration

  • The first step every creative uses to begin the design process

  • Where creativity comes from and how to make your designs more original

  • Tons of sources for amazing inspiration

  • A practical guide to using Pinterest for event design

  • Ways to use the time of year and location of the wedding as inspiration for the event design









02 | Defining Your Style

  • How to use key words to identify your design style

  • What a cornerstone image is and why you need to find it

  • How to analyze your inspiration

  • Ideas vs. Inspiration - what’s the difference?

















03 | Mood Boards

  • Why you can’t design a wedding without a great mood board

  • A step-by-step tutorial for how to create an incredible mood board

  • Do’s and Don’ts for effective mood boards

  • Examples of how to bring mood boards to life for your wedding

  • Taking the mood board one step further by creating a mood box
























04 | Color Palettes

  • A crazy easy one second trick to creating your color palette

  • How to make your color palette more sophisticated

  • Incorporating neutrals and metals, what’s right for your wedding?

  • How to incorporate your color palette into the bridal party’s attire without being cheesy

  • The one tool that will ensure a cohesive color palette throughout the wedding


05 | Invitations & Paper

  • How to know if you should work with a graphic designer, order online or DIY your invitations

  • Three quick ideas for save the dates if you’re under the gun for mailing

  • How to choose the right style of paper for your wedding

  • Twelve crazy outside-the-box ideas to inspire your mailings

  • How to request a quote from a designer like a pro










06 | Floorplans

  • The totally free floorplan program we use for all our events

  • The nine big mistakes people make when creating a floorplan

  • The six things most commonly forgotten on floorplans

  • How the shape of your tables dictates the style and conversation at your wedding










07 | Transforming the Space

  • Why embracing your constraints is an important part of the design process

  • Four Tent styles: how to choose which is right for you

  • Ceilings, flooring, walls - where to spend your money for the biggest bang for your buck

  • But I hate the…!  Inexpensive ways to hide or cover undesirable elements in a room to transform your space










08 | Lighting

  • How to apply a lighting “base coat”

  • What the heck is a “gobo”?

  • How to highlight key elements after the sun goes down.

  • Decorative lighting ideas to inspire your design

  • How the color of your lighting can set the mood ( or ruin it! )

  • The number one most important thing most lighting companies don’t include - but should!

09 | Designing the Table

  • How to create a canvas for your tablescape

  • A trick to visualize your space that really works!

  • Six pieces of not-to-miss advice for dealing with table linens

  • An easy five step process for designing centerpieces










10 | The Table Mock-up

  • Translating one look into three tabletop designs

  • How to design a tabletop on a budget

  • Easy tricks for remembering how to set the table

  • My pet peeves when it comes to table designs

11 | The Ceremony

  • Special decor to consider for religious ceremonies

  • Three traditional ceremony decor ideas and three that are completely outside the box

  • Ten ideas for decorating your aisle

  • Style tips for bouquets, boutonnieres and other personal flowers










12 | All the Details

  • Entrances and Exits - how to make a splash!

  • Personalizing Cakes and Dessert Displays

  • Great ideas for Lounges & Bars

  • The Escort Card Display

  • All the little details from guestbooks to cocktail napkins ideas









Extension: For Professionals

13 | The Business of Event Design

  • The difference between Planners, Event Designers & Florists

  • Whether you should add Event Design to your current business

  • The three pricing structures I recommend for Event Design

  • How to know how much you should charge for Event Design


15 | Working with Clients

  • A step-by-step guide to how we work with and present to clients

  • The huge mistake we used to make with table mock-ups

  • How to talk about budget with clients when it comes to Event Design

  • How to deal with the three most common difficult Bride personalities










14 | Working with a Team

  • How to work with creative partners for the first time

  • When to delegate and when to take control

  • Avoiding the “Instagram” vendor










Wed School consists of three main parts, plus downloadable bonus materials.  We start by nailing the vision, then build out the major design elements and finally fill in with all the details.

16 | Branding Your Event Design Business

  • Why having a signature style is important

  • How to develop your signature style when starting out

  • The six varieties of Event Designers, which one are you?

  • The important task of identifying your ideal Client









Part One: The Vision
Part Two: Setting the Tone
Part Three: Styling The Details
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I’ve been working on this training for years. In fact, the idea for Wed School started back in 2011 as a book concept.


But rather than just write my ideas down with pen and paper, I decided to build out a more comprehensive, A-Z training program that will hand you powerful design skills to create beautiful creations starting today.


I've been helping people design beautiful wedding for years at Shannon Leahy Events.  From encouraging my clients develop their personal sense of style to training my employees in the design process.  I know the ins and outs of event design for weddings.

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Wed School is truly one-of-a-kind -- in all my research there's simply nothing like it! The initial idea of planning and designing my own wedding was exhilarating, and yet totally daunting. I literally didn't know where to begin or if I could really do it all myself. WED School not only gave me the step-by-step tools and resources to create my vision and turn it into reality, but it also gave me the confidence!  Meanwhile, Shannon's energy, passion and creativity was a constant reminder that wedding planning is really fun and totally approachable! 


- Kristen B, Bride

- Madeline E, Bride

"I've always imagined that my background in fashion and design meant that I already knew quite a bit about event design. But WED School taught me so much! I knew nothing! And instead of feeling overwhelmed by that fact I felt empowered and excited about the process of tackling my own event."


The first time I sat down to do a mood board for a client I didn't know where to even begin!  Watching WED School helped me learn how to create a cohesive mood board and bring a color palette together and then how to apply it to the entire wedding design.  Shannon takes years of her experience in the industry and boils it down to an easy step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

- Lindsay S, Wedding Planner

"As with most brides planning a wedding these days, I'd amassed a large collection of photos I loved on Pinterest as inspiration for my own event. When it came time to cull, and hone into a specific style for my wedding vendors I found I was overwhelmed by the amount of images I'd collected. I had no idea where to start in order to properly create a "Mood Board". I did several searches online, and found a few services, but they were all very unintuitive and I didn't get very far after spending several hours attempting to use them. Then I was introduced to WED School... After watching a WED School tutorial on creating a Mood Board my frustrations quickly turned to excitement and inspiration! I was able to create a professional looking board to share with my wedding team in just a few hours. Both my floral designer and wedding planner were blown away by the results! In the end my wedding came together just as I'd hoped it would, and looked shockingly similar to what I'd put together from my inspirations."


~ Larissa C, wedding photographer & bride


Shannon has been an award-winning professional event designer for nearly ten years.  Named a top wedding planner in the USA by Martha Stewart and a top planner in San Francisco by 7x7 Magazine, her list of credits include Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Geraldine and many, many more.  


She is the founder of Shannon Leahy Events, a planning, design and production company based in San Francisco where she and her team create stunning weddings with a strong attention to detail.  Clients fly Shannon all over the world to design their events, from Provence to New Orleans, from Jackson Hole to Croatia, Shannon has worked all over the world refining her technique and honing her skills.  


In this one-of-a-kind class she teaches you everything she's learned so you can design your own wedding like a pro.

Is WED SCHOOL right for you?



Over the years, we’ve listened to hundreds of individuals struggle with the event design process, and we created this course to handle those struggles.


We’re confident it can help if you’ve ever said anything like:




"I have no idea where to start?"

"I'm not good at the design stuff but I want my party to look amazing"

"I know I've got great style but I can't figure out the best way to convey my concepts to my vendors"

"My clients expect me to be involved in the event design, but it's not really my strong suit."

"Pinterest is so overwhelming!"

"I struggle with my process for every new event, I wish there was a way to organize my work flow."

"I have so many ideas but no clue how to edit them together"

The coolest part about WED School?
Learn these skills now, have them for life.
The skills you learn in WED School will apply not only to your wedding but to any party or event you throw for the rest of your life.
Imagine all the beautiful dinner tables, anniversary parties and baby showers you can create once you've mastered the skills to design a large scale production like a wedding.
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Creating your own EVENT DESIGN

saves you money


If you’ve ever thought about working with an experienced designer before for your event, then you know that the best ones charge anywhere from $150 per hour to $25,000 and up for a design concept. That’s simply not possible for most of us to hire.


And it’s really hard to find someone — even if you could afford it.   Because it’s difficult (if near impossible) to find a designer who truly understands your style, your taste and what's most important to you.



There are no payment plans and there are no refunds. We want you to be as serious about your investment and the work you’ll put into your design as we are about helping you succeed.

I’ve put together a free design class so that you can be absolutely sure that you’re OK with the teaching style and excited about working with me!


The extended program with bonus content for professionals is $599 


If you're getting into the industry or you are already a professional this bonus content is invaluable to taking your business to the next level.  In this extended content I teach you how to own the event design process, take all of the guesswork out of presenting to clients and show how to partner with vendors to get their best work.  Want to know how I convince my clients to let me pick all of their design partners for them without question?  Want to know how I boil down the millions of back and forth e-mails and event design conversations into three easy meetings that clients will love?  Want to learn from the mistakes I've made over the years to save you valuable time and money?  Want to know how my brand took me from designing my first wedding to designing a million dollar wedding in just five years?  This extended course is for you.


wed school

Wedding Design